Website Still Not Mobile Friendly? You're Not Alone!

Posted by Joanna Conti on April 14, 2015 in Website Design


After repeated warnings about how important it is for websites to be easy to read on mobile phones and tablets, Google is finally taking action.  They are launching a new search algorithm on April 21 that will rank non-mobile-friendly pages lower than they would otherwise deserve in searches conducted on mobile devices.

Wondering how many companies will be hurt by the new algorithm?  We analyzed the websites of 104 B2B technology companies in our just-released State of Online Technology Marketing report.  One of the many findings of the study is that as of mid-March, 45% of these tech companies had sites that were not mobile-friendly according to Google:

We were surprised to find that 43% of larger tech companies with 201-500 employees had sites that were not mobile-friendly as recently as a month ago.  Since one would assume that tech companies would do a better job keeping up with the latest website technology trends, the percentage of all companies with mobile-unfriendly sites is likely to be even higher than 43%!

You can test your website at to determine if Google considers it to be easy to read and navigate on mobile devices.  If it doesn’t, you should fix it as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, it may not be a major undertaking to make your site mobile-friendly.  If your website was built in the last few years on Wordpress, for example, it may be relatively easy to change to a theme that uses responsive design.  In other situations, it may be far more difficult to develop a site that is easy to read and navigate on a smart phone or tablet.

Depending upon how old your website it, this might be the perfect time to consider redesigning your website.  We’ve just completed an eBook for one of our clients called The Ultimate Guide to Redesigning Your Website that you might find helpful in deciding whether to embark on a redesign project at this time: