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Partly as a result of content marketing’s track record of success, an astounding amount of new content is being generated every day.  About 2,400,000 new blog posts will be written and uploaded to the internet today alone.  And the author of almost every one of these posts will be doing their utmost to attract viewers to their latest article.

How on earth is your business going to break through and convince prospective customers to take time out of their busy day to read your latest post?

There are three keys to success:

  1. Write fascinating articles containing information that’s useful to your audience.  Frankly, there’s no need for yet another me-too article talking in general terms about the importance of online marketing or putting yourself in your customer’s shoes.  If you can’t add something newsworthy to the conversation or put your own unique and thoughtful spin on the subject, it’s not worth writing.
  2. Each post needs to be search engine optimized so that someone searching for information on the topic is led to your post.  It is crucial that you incorporate keyword phrases that people looking for information on this topic will search on and that your post has a fighting chance to rank for.  Learn the basics of search engine optimization here. 
  3. You need to work just as hard promoting your blog posts as you do writing them.  Build followings in the places your target audience hangs out, such as LinkedIn groups, community forums and relevant social media sites, so you can quickly spread the word about new posts.  Actively seek opportunities to write guest blogs on respected industry sites that receive a lot of traffic.  And build your email list of folks who care about your expertise enough to sign up for your blog.


Amazing content is the foundation upon which your entire marketing program should rest. 

Need help creating a steady stream of thought-provoking, useful content on subjects your prospective customers are interested in?  If so, you’re not alone.  57% of technology marketers outsource the creation of at least some of their content

Impact Marketing Group will help you identify the most important questions to answer, translate your industry knowledge into powerful articles that will drive qualified leads to your business for years to come, and promote them to your target audience.  Learn how we help our clients grow or:

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