The Marketing Fast Track

Want to launch your business onto the Marketing Fast Track?  Our Fast Track program will create everything you need to turn your underperforming website into a lead-generation machine in the next six months.  Here is what you'll receive:


Strategic Marketing Plan

What makes Impact Marketing Group different from other marketing firms is our data-driven strategic approach.  We’ll spend the first month diving deep into your website analytics to analyze what is working and what isn’t with your online marketing.  During this first month, we will recommend how to improve your website, conduct an SEO website review, set up marketing automation tools and social media accounts, calculate a baseline, and integrate with your CRM program, if you have one. 

Once we have agreed upon the first one or two profitable market segments your company should focus upon, we will conduct in-depth interviews with a number of your recent prospects to understand exactly what factors are most important to them.  After we've defined the buyer personas to target, we will hold a brainstorming session with key members of your sales and marketing teams to identify the questions and concerns these types of prospects have at different stages of their buyer's journey.  By the end of our first month working together, we will provide you with a comprehensive 25+ page Marketing Blueprint that summarizes our research findings and recommends the SEO-optimized content to be developed and promoted each week as well as the goals we intend to achieve over the following five months.



Weekly Blogging

After this initial period, we will create and promote thoughtful, well-written articles each week on subjects your ideal customers are searching for information on.  Each article or webpage will be SEO-optimized for specific less-competitive keyword phrases your business should be able to rank well for and will be promoted on the most important social media channels for your business.


Premium Content Creation


Using the knowledge gained by interviewing your recent prospects, we will develop two thoughtful, data-driven, gorgeously-produced eBooks or white papers that address the primary interests and pain points of potential customers of your services.  These high-quality leads will be sharing their name and email address in order to download the material, thus allowing you to begin to cultivate a relationship with them.  See eBook examples.


Marketing Automation

Sending the perfect email to each prospect at just the right time is almost impossible without the use of thoughtfully-designed marketing automation campaigns.  By combining website and email tracking data, we can customize what emails to send based on a person’s interests and behavior using the highly-rated Act-On marketing automation program.  And because Act-On shows us exactly what pages each prospective customer visits on your website and what they click on in your emails, we can alert your sales team to contact them when it appears they’re nearing a purchase decision.    


What Happens After Six Months?

This will be entirely up to you.  At the end of six months, you will have 21 carefully-crafted, SEO-optimized blog posts driving traffic to your website, two enticing eBooks, and appropriate lead cultivation campaigns in place.  At this point, we can continue the monthly retainer relationship or you can move forward on an a la carte basis.  Since we provide full-service marketing automation management for only $800/month (less than you can likely purchase a marketing automation program yourself), most clients choose to have us continue to manage their lead cultivation programs long-term.   We are happy to continue blogging and produce additional premium content for you on whatever schedule you prefer. 


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