Get on the Marketing Fast Track

Posted by Joanna Conti on August 12, 2015 in Content Marketing

Are you still marketing the way you were back when the Yellow Pages reigned supreme?  If you expect potential customers to look up your company by category type (i.e., “web design company”) and then give you a call for more info, you’re not taking advantage of the way people shop today.

Rather than search by type or product, most people who are currently thinking about making a major purchase start by searching online for answers to their most crucial questions.  If they’re kicking around buying a hot tub, for example, they might Google “how much does a hot tub cost?” or “how can I tell if my deck will support a hot tub?”  Unless your article answering this question is one of the first entries that appears in their search results, you’ve missed a real opportunity to start building a relationship with this prospective buyer.

Creating customer-focused content that answers your ideal customer’s key questions is the first step to successful marketing today, but it isn’t all you need to get on the Marketing Fast Track.  The people coming to your site are in the early exploration stages; unless you’re selling inexpensive impulse items, they’re unlikely to buy today. If you’re smart, you can lay the foundation for a long-term relationship by offering them a helpful eBook or white paper that promises to perfectly answer their questions.  By periodically emailing them additional helpful information about the product they’re interested in, you can become a trusted advisor on their purchase journey.

Marketing Fast Track Elements


There are three key elements of a successful online marketing program:

  1. Customer-Centered Blogging:  The best way to drive potential customers to your website is by writing helpful blog posts on the subjects they are searching for information about.  This doesn’t mean writing sales-oriented blog posts bragging about how great your company is; people in the early stages of educating themselves about a new product or service don’t care about why you think your product is the best.  What you need to communicate to them is that you understand and care about their needs.  As they move into the decision-making stage, you can provide more sales-oriented information.
  2. EBooks and Other Premium Content:  If you’re selling expensive or complex products or services, your marketing success will depend upon building a relationship over time with your potential customers.  Since 98% or more of visitors will click away from your website without giving you any way to contact them again, it is crucial that you create a series of thoughtful eBooks, white papers or research reports on subjects your ideal customer will find enticing.  For example, a hot tub manufacturer might create the following blog posts and premium content to help prospective customers move through the purchase cycle:

  1. Marketing Automation:  Sending the perfect email to each prospect at just the right time is almost impossible without the use of thoughtfully-designed marketing automation campaigns.  By combining website and email tracking data, you can customize what emails to send based on a person’s interests and behavior.  Perhaps the most exciting thing marketing automation can do is to alert your sales team immediately when a prospect acts like they may be getting ready to purchase. 


Want to Get On the Marketing Fast Track?


We’ve found that we can create the materials our clients need to launch a product or service onto the Marketing Fast Track in six months of concentrated effort.   We spend the first month studying what’s working and what’s not with your current marketing, interview prospective buyers to understand their questions and concerns, and create a detailed 25+ page Marketing Blueprint.  Over the next five months, we create two well-written, gorgeously-designed eBooks, blog weekly on subjects your ideal buyers are searching for information about, create lead cultivation campaigns and sales alerts using the Act-On marketing automation program, and help you build your social media presence.

At the end of six months, you will have 21 carefully-crafted, SEO-optimized blog posts driving traffic to your website, two enticing eBooks, and appropriate lead cultivation campaigns in place.  At this point, we can continue the monthly retainer relationship or you can move forward on an a la carte basis.  Since we provide full-service marketing automation management for less than you can likely purchase access to a marketing automation program yourself, most clients choose to have us continue to manage their lead cultivation programs long-term.   We can write additional blog posts and produce additional premium content as needed.

Want help getting on the Marketing Fast Track?  Learn more about our full-service program or sign up for our Six Weeks to Marketing That Works training program.