Marketing Automation on a Budget

Marketing automation has proven to be remarkably effective at driving search traffic and increasing lead flow in numerous studies, including these recent ones:

  • Impact’s State of Online Technology Marketing discovered that companies using marketing automation get 7 times more search traffic than those who don’t
  • Autopilot’s 2015 Marketing Automation Performance Report found that companies using marketing automation generated twice as many monthly leads as those using email software alone and an amazing 47 times more leads than companies not using any software to communicate with potential customers:


So why aren’t more companies using marketing automation tools?  The main concerns raised about marketing automation are that is expensive and difficult to use, with new users having to struggle with steep learning curves.  In fact, when non-users of marketing automation were asked in the same Autopilot research what factors would encourage them to invest in marketing automation, their top choices (they could pick up to three) were as follows:

G2 Crowd surveyed users of several dozen programs to pick the 5 marketing automation products with the highest satisfaction ratings.  The chart below shows the 5 highest-rated marketing automation programs as of May 2015 along with the base price per month to use their software for a limited number of contacts.  Several of these programs also require new users to pay one-time training or onboarding fees of $2,000 - $4,000: 



Introducing Impact's Marketing Automation on a Budget Service

We heard you!  Impact Marketing Group has developed a program to provide all the benefits of marketing automation without any of the hassles.  Because we work with Act-On under an agency pricing model, we are able to provide our clients with full-service marketing automation at a price just slightly above what you would pay yourself for Act-On and for less than you would pay for Do-It-Yourself access to any of the other leading products!

Here’s how it works.  We will fully implement a marketing automation program for your company using Act-On, including the following:

  • Full implementation of your program in Act-On, including up to 3 call to action sequences (such as downloading an eBook or requesting a phone consultation), cleaning and importing of an email list, and the creation of up to 3 lead cultivation campaigns
  • The ability to track what someone who clicks on a link in one of your emails or fills out a form is doing from that point forward on your website
  • Your sales team will receive alerts when known visitors to your website exhibit behaviors indicating they’re nearing a purchase decision and should be contacted
  • The ability to cultivate leads and help them progress through the buyer’s funnel by communicating with them about the products and services they’ve expressed interest in
  • Integration with SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, NetSuite or SalesLogix, if your company uses one of these CRMs
  • Detailed quarterly analyses of how your marketing program is performing and recommendations for how to improve it
  • Six hours per month of ongoing support you can use for sending out emails, expanding your lead cultivation campaigns, creating landing pages and forms or any other purpose


Your Amazing-Low Cost for Marketing Automation with 1,000 Contacts*:

$800 per month


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*If you have more than 1,000 contacts you regularly email, your cost increases to the following:

1,001 - 2,500 contacts $967/month
2,501 - 5,000 contact $1,127/month
5,001 - 10,000 contacts $1,397/month
10,001 - 25,000 contacts $1,997/month