Data-Driven Research & eBooks

There is an astounding amount of new content being added to the Internet every minute, making it very hard for smaller companies to break through.   Rather than rehashing the same topics everyone else is, we take the time to create unique, truly useful content for our clients that, whenever possible, is based on new research.   




Most companies are drowning in data, but aren't taking full advantage of it.  We love nothing more than to dig into our client’s data to find the truths it’s hiding that we can use to build your business.  We’ll search for ways to turn boring claims like “Our analytics platform is easy to learn to use” into powerful statements that will truly drive sales like “Create your first dazzlingly persuasive chart in 23 minutes”.

We also enjoy designing our own research to answer specific questions.  For example, we analyzed the websites of 104 B2B technology marketers and discovered that companies using marketing automation get 7 times the search traffic as those who don’t!  This research was summarized in a white paper and also used to create Marketing Comparison Reports for specific companies:






As businesses have recognized how important premium content is in generating leads, the number of eBooks being created has shot through the roof.  Unfortunately, too many of these eBooks contain little useful information and look like they were designed in the 1950s.

Don’t make this mistake.  Your potential customer has overcome what might have been a high level of internal resistance to giving you their email address.  Don’t disappoint them. 

Your leads will form a strong impression of your company based upon the quality of the eBook they download.  Knowing this, we spend an inordinate amount of time researching each topic to ensure that the eBook provides useful information to the reader.  We also hire professional graphic designers and purchase striking images so that your eBooks and white papers are not only informative, but also a pleasure to read.

Here are some of the eBooks we’ve created recently: