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Posted by Joanna Conti on August 12, 2015 in Content Marketing

Are you still marketing the way you were back when the Yellow Pages reigned supreme?  If you expect potential customers to look up your company by category type (i.e., “web design company”) and then give you a call for more info, you’re not taking advantage of the way people shop today.

Posted by Joanna Conti on May 05, 2015 in Content Marketing

Is your website delivering a steady stream of qualified leads or customers to your business?  If not, our six-week training course will teach you everything you need to know to turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

Posted by Joanna Conti on December 20, 2014 in Content Marketing

As I re-entered the business world after five years in politics, I was shocked to learn that marketing had changed completely while I was gone.  As I shared my excitement with friends running small- to mid-sized companies, I learned that most of them had missed these changes too.

Posted by Joanna Conti on December 04, 2014 in Content Marketing

The world of marketing has changed drastically in recent years.  While these changes represent a tremendous opportunity for smaller companies to grow, succeeding in this new customer-driven world will require most companies to radically change their marketing. 

Posted by Joanna Conti on November 16, 2014 in Content Marketing

Emails can be the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal.  Unfortunately, most emails disappear without a trace.  Here are 5 keys to making yours more effective.