About Us


Life is too short not to put our unique skills and passions to work solving real-world problems.

Following this mantra has been a fascinating ride.  I’m a Procter & Gamble-trained marketer, chemical engineer and data geek who’s founded eight companies and run for both the U.S. Congress and Anne Arundel County Executive.    

Along the way, I’ve created an international nonprofit that made a tremendous difference in the lives of tens of thousands of orphans, interested a syndicate of 3 venture capitalists in funding my first start-up, managed a joint venture with a Fortune 500 food company, coded and sold innovative software programs, turned around a struggling real estate education company, and raised awareness of innovative ways to improve our schools, public safety, and our environment. 

Today, I’m passionate about using this accumulated wisdom to help fellow start-up entrepreneurs on their missions to change the world. Impact Marketing Group will provide comprehensive marketing and business-building services to no more than four such innovative companies at a time.  For these carefully-selected companies, we will throw ourselves heart and soul into your business, doing everything in our power to launch your company to explosive growth.  Learn more here. 

Even if you're past the start-up phase, I'd love to figure out how we can help you grow.  I've been quite surprised by how few small- to mid-sized businesses are taking advantage of the incredibly-effective marketing tools that have become available in the last five years.  Let's analyze what's working and what's not with your current marketing, and develop a customized program that will generate a lot more leads and sales for your business.  Our Marketing Fast Track program will dramatically improve your online marketing in as little as six months!  

If you’re on a mission to make a difference, I’d really like to find out more about your work.  Even if it’s not a fit for us to work together, perhaps I can connect you to other resources or give you some helpful advice.  And regardless of whether we end up working together, I want to thank you for devoting your energies to tackling challenges that matter.  For Margaret Mead was dead right when she said:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Kudos to the world changers!  Drop me a line or call me now at (410) 757-2811 and let’s brainstorm how we can help you on your important journey.