6 Weeks to Marketing That Works!

Isn’t it time to put the magic of content marketing to work growing your company?  This six-week training program will teach you everything you need to know to turn your website into a lead generation machine.  By the end of this six-week course, you will have fully designed and launched your content marketing program, including having:

  • Analyzed what is working and what isn’t with your online marketing
  • Selected the best market niche(s) for your company
  • Determined the questions your ideal buyers are asking at each stage of their buyer’s journey
  • Planned the blog posts, eBooks and other content you will develop over the next three months
  • Learned how to drive search traffic to your web pages and blog posts via effective SEO
  • Created and promoted your first blog post on social media
  • Started using an inexpensive marketing automation tool to cultivate relationships with your prospective buyers

How The Program Works


The program contains six 60-minute conference calls and one 8-hour day of training in Annapolis, Maryland.  To get the most out of this course, please plan to spend several hours per work preparing for each week’s session:

Week One -- Conference Call:  Figuring out what is working and what isn’t with your online marketing

  • You’ll receive: 
    • A personalized analysis of your website using Google Analytics
    • A report comparing your website’s key metrics to those of your competitors
  • Training:   
    • The secrets of using content marketing to generate lots of leads
    • Choosing the competitive niche you should focus on first

Week Two -- Conference Call:  Creating content of interest to your prospective customers

  • Your pre-work: 
    • Identify your company’s competitive niche(s)
    • Create a list of 6-10 of your current or prospective customers in this niche
  • Training:
    • The stages prospective customers travel through on their way to a purchase decision
    • Developing your buyer’s persona
    • How to interview your prospective buyers to understand what they really care about

Week Three -- Conference Call:  Identifying the questions your ideal buyers ask at different stages of their journey

  • Your pre-work:
    • Interview at least 6 of your current and prospective customers & craft your first buyer persona
  • Training:
    • Determining what ideal buyer’s care about at each stage of the buyer’s journey

Week Four -- Conference Call:  Choosing the content to develop during the next three months

  • Your pre-work:
    • Determine 4-6 questions your ideal buyer is likely to ask at each stage of their buyer’s journey
    • Determine the premium content that will indicate they’re ready to move into the next stage
  • Training:
    • How to create blog posts and premium content that will appeal to your buyers
    • Writing headlines that sing

Week Five -- Day of Training:  Creating a comprehensive content marketing program

  • Your pre-work:
    • The blog posts you’re going to create in the first 3 months
    • The name of the eBook (or other piece of premium content) you are going to create first
  • Training:
    • Finding your voice
    • What you need to know about SEO to grow your business
    • Choosing keywords you have a fighting chance to rank for
    • How to write an eBook that speaks to your ideal customers
    • Secrets to hiring freelancers to take your content from “good” to “incredible”
    • Using social media to grow your audience beyond your current customer base
    • The pros and cons of different low-cost marketing automation options
    • How to use Mailchimp to generate and cultivate leads
    • Deciding how you will measure success

Week Six -- Conference Call:  Launching your content marketing program

  • Your pre-work:
    • Write & create a banner for your first blog post
    • Set up your marketing automation program
  • Training:
    • Using an accountability program to stay on track
    • Answering your questions


Our Next Training Session

The next session of "6 Weeks to Marketing that Works" begins September 14th and runs through October 23th, with an all-day training on Friday, October 16th in beautiful Annapolis, Maryland.    The weekly conference calls will be scheduled at a time that works for all participants. 


Your Cost

The “6 Weeks to Marketing That Works” training program costs only:

($997 if you sign up by September 4th)


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